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WealthCAP HUB®

Succession Advisors provides our Members with an unprecedented amount of information and access to successfully manage wealth and the accompanying lifestyle needs and complexities associated with it.

The Education Initiative​

Online courses combining the personal touch of live sessions with the flexibility of virtual classrooms, delivered by distinguished university educators and industry professionals.

The Education Initiative

The Education Initiative is an endeavor by Succession Advisors to equip individuals, families, and organizations with the tools they need to ensure sustained prosperity. Recognizing the weight of responsibility that comes with wealth inheritance for future generations, we have crafted programs that focus on financial literacy and critical thinking for adept ownership.

Next Course Begins: September 3, 2024 @ 7:00 pm CT

Succession Advisors was founded by two professionals with longstanding careers supporting some of the most successful and high profile families in the World as they accumulate, inherit, administer and enjoy their wealth. Meeting the expectations of these clients takes information, access and knowledge that for the first time, is now available to each of our Members directly.

Gain 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge provided by industry experts with a combined 30+ years of experience in estate planning, wealth education, family governance, luxury lifestyle connections, and much more!


Integrating your trust and estate planning with family purpose, next generation stewardship, and governance practices means your wealth is preserved today while your family’s legacy is sustained long into the future. 

Luxury Lifestyle Connections

What used to only be accessible to the wealthy is now available to our members. Get insider access, exposure, and insight into the most exclusive experiences, destinations, precision estate management resources, and services once reserved only for the elite. 


Education empowers individuals and families to engage in managing their wealth for growth and preservation. The knowledge and skillsets necessary to do so can now be developed outside the classroom, with direct access to an abundance of content in various mediums, tools, workshops and activities tailored to fit your personal needs and customized to how you learn best.


Access to invaluable knowledge on trust & estate planning, wealth education, family governance, luxury lifestyle connections, and much more!


View or download our white papers, primers, checklists, blogs, templates, workshops, and podcasts all under one easy-to-use Membership Portal.


The WealthCAP HUB® arms financial professionals with the knowledge and tools to better serve their clients and prepare for meetings to the fullest extent.

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A Message From
Our Founders

30+ years of experience in estate planing, preparing family members to inherit wealth, and luxury lifestyle connections

We came together with a vision of giving direct access to a thoughtfully curated network of industry experts, innovative ideas, and educational content for self-learning that can be applied by anyone – individuals, families, and wealth professionals in service to their clients. Through our decades of hands-on experience, training, knowledge and education, we created a platform making accessible to all the type of information you only get if you pay big dollars to big firms and institutions; our mission is to put everyone on a level playing field when it comes to planning for your wealth and having the luxuries in life you want to experience. Whether gaining access through our membership portal or engaging us directly for consultation, Succession Advisors gives you control. Your legacy. Your lifestyle.

Alison Marckstadt has over 15 years of experience in private equity and family office, supporting successful entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Sisi Provost has over 15 years of experience counseling families in the ultra-high net worth space.


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