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4 Unique Challenges Of Female Inheritors

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We’ve been gathering small groups of female inheritors over the past year and inviting them to join us in unconventional conversations, the ones about wealth, privilege, burdens and blessings. We knew if we created confidentiality and trust within these groups of ladies who didn’t know each other, we could address challenging questions that are often taboo: How do you cope with the pressures of privilege? How do you find your own path? And for the women who are part of our professional practice: How does being female leaders and female inheritors present unique challenges from your male peers?

While anecdotal, we’ve discovered some common themes in the words of our clients. These may help you: the advisors who serve these exact clients. Our hope is this will provide a new perspective on their challenges and cultivate understanding by hearing their experiences in their own words.

This content may also be of use in serving the wealth creators in your practice; those who may find it hard to have deep and honest conversations within their own families (no judgement here, this is tough stuff to discuss).

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