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5 Top Tips To Achieving Golfing Happiness

Mature Golfer on a Golf Course

It’s said that 90% of the game of golf is mental - a theory which perhaps goes some way to explaining why Forbes magazine research revealed that 90% of Fortune 500 company CEOs play golf.

Perhaps when success at golf requires sound KYC (Know Your Course in this case) and a strategic approach based on identifying personal strengths and pitting them against opportunities and hazards, it’s not surprising that success in the boardroom is often mirrored by competence and sometimes brilliance on the tees, fairways and greens.

When interviewed by Succession Advisors, Ian Woosnam was asked what he thought world class golfers and the best of the business world have in common. He was quick to reply: “Drive and resilience are key but also self belief. I’ve always been driven by self-belief, a real sense that I know what I can achieve.”

Alistair Brown, is a former professional golfer, turned golf real estate entrepreneur, who regularly plays on the Staysure Legends senior tour with golfing legends like Woosnam as well as amateurs. He says: “There’s definitely a meeting of minds when golfing pros tee off with male or female high flyers in the business world. These players generally have a helpful dose of self-belief and consistently apply a strategic business approach to their golf game.”

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