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7 Considerations When Hiring A Luxury Property Management Company

Luxury Home on a Hill

Many successful families and individuals will have multiple luxury estates and properties in addition to their primary residences. These properties need continual maintenance and oversight but do not command the full-time staff necessary given they are not occupied year-round.  In instances such as this, Principals want to have the peace of mind knowing their property is being taken care of in their absence and that when they arrive the home will be stocked and running perfectly. There are a number of luxury property management companies who specialize and provide access to a team of high-end property managers, technicians, service partners and administrative personnel to ensure your estate is protected, managed and cared for at the highest levels of service and professionalism.

Luxury properties are an asset and carry a high price tag for ownership and oversight, the price is also reflective of how the asset should be managed and operated. Below are key components of what a Principal should look for when considering using an outside Luxury Property Management Company to oversee their secondary homes.

  1. Customer Focused

Customer service should be the number one focus of any luxury property management company. Luxury properties are lifestyle driven, which means every engagement is going to be unique and thus the service should be tailored to ensure the Principal is receiving the support their lifestyle commands. It is about understanding the uniqueness of the Principal and the story of the home in order to provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

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