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7 Tips For Choosing A Great Primary Care Physician

A primary care physician (PCP) plays a vital role in keeping you healthy, so it’s important to have a good one. You could do a search on your health insurance plan’s website, pick a doctor near you, and hope for the best—but keep in mind that your PCP will play a role in most of your healthcare decisions. If you only see your physician for routine appointments, you may not know if they’re a good fit for you until you’re in a crisis. Do not wait until then to make sure you’ve made a smart choice. Here are Better Health Advisors' tips for finding a PCP you like and trust:

Prioritize your preferences.

Do you feel more comfortable with a male or female doctor? Someone who is accessible if you need a same-day appointment? A strong communicator? Someone who values complementary medicine? Keep your preferences in mind as you look for a PCP. Is the doctor compassionate? Stanford researchers found that "having a doctor who is warm and reassuring actually improves your health."

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