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Antique Furniture: Is Brown Really Down?

Old vintage furniture booth in artistic filtered style

Younger Collectors Notoriously Eschew Formal, Traditional Furniture In Favor of Mid-Century Modern. But Is the Former Undervalued and the Latter Played Out?

A special Q&A with Ronald Varney, Fine Art Advisor:

For years the drum beat of Modernism and all things contemporary has pushed old-fashioned fields of collecting such as English furniture, porcelain, silver and tapestries into the shadows.

Perhaps period furniture, in particular—or brown wood, as it is dismissively referred to today—is just not a taste for young people, connoting as it does formality, stuffiness, even parental authority. Mid-century modern furniture has thus gone ablaze with popularity and a certain cultural timeliness, its stripped-down, cold and sleek look perfect for loft-like rooms with minimal pretensions.

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