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As Told To Me By My Father….

Visiting father

“There is not some justice. There is either justice or injustice.”

Which is this, and does perspective matter?

Recently the Massachusetts Appellate Court issued the Clement vs. Owens-Clement decision, a case involving a post-marital dispute over alimony between former spouses, Laurie and John - the facts were unusual, and the decision was complicated in terms of both statutory and case law, individual, familial and social responsibility. The case raises essential and worthy questions which I hope you’ll consider with me:

  • What does ‘who pays support to whom’ say about society and the lines we draw for independence, dependence and interdependence?
  • What are the implications and social dynamics we create as a society when our healthcare and financial support are tied to marriage?
  • Should former spouses be responsible for one another’s healthcare coverage and economic wellbeing, and if so on what basis and for how long?
  • Should individuals, families and governments be responsible for the health care and financial support of a disabled person?

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