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Corfu: Live The Local Ionian Island Life

Corfu coast

Greece does tick a lot of boxes as a year-round destination – especially for those of us who are feeling more than ready for a therapeutic change of scene by the sea, enjoying long coastal walks, exploring mountain villages, enjoying the country’s iconic cuisine, visiting local museums, and indulging in some Greek history.

Historically, the Ionian islands have a strong connection with Italy, having been ruled by the Republic of Venice from the mid-14th century until the late 18th century, which is very much witnessed in the architecture of all three islands highlighted in this series: Corfu, Zakynthos, Paxos. 


Built on a promontory, Corfu Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site, displaying a unique architecture particularly influenced by the Venetians, and also later, to a lesser extent, by the French and the English. The legacy of its long Venetian history, from the 12th – 18th century, can be witnessed in the Venetian fortresses and historic Venetian buildings, as well as its quaint narrow cobbled streets and vaulted passages.

Outside the town, the island also offers the chance to indulge in a large variety of interests, including seaside and mountain walks, discovering picturesque towns and villages, discovering beautiful beaches, and exploring flora and fauna – the latter influenced by the Lawrence Durrell books and TV series, which have drawn many visitors to Corfu over the years.

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