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Customized Deal Flow Analysis For Family Offices

Family managing the family budget

Deal Flow Analysis

Deal flow can be very overwhelming, especially as more family offices are focusing on direct investing. The concern with many family offices is how do they evaluate these deals in a timely manner without spending a lot of money on due diligence. One of the biggest heartaches with direct investing is spending tens of thousands of dollars assessing a potential acquisition and then realizing it doesn’t fit the family’s investment criteria. The time and resources spent going down this path could have been used on another opportunity. This can lead to irrational decision making based on an escalation of commitment. Suddenly you are going forward with an acquisition because you have spent so much time and money and don’t want to feel like that was wasted money. Sound familiar?

Deal Model Solution

Bristol Reports has worked with family offices to design a decision tree model that creates a quick one-page summary for each deal presented. This allows a family or investment team the ability to determine if they should go further in the due diligence process on a possible investment. By creating a set of questions that are tailored to the specific investment criteria for the family, a one-page summary is created so that each deal presented can easily be assessed. This cadence and discipline enables teams to quickly look at investment proposals and eliminates a few common traps:

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