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Enjoy A Seaside Escape To The Croatian Coast And Islands This Summer

The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

As the summer temperatures soar, a holiday by the sea becomes more and more tempting, and the Croatian coast and islands check lots of boxes for a relaxing seaside holiday.  There are many choices here, including visits to the historic walled cities of Dubrovnik, and Split, which are also gateways for visiting many of the Croatian islands.


How to Get there

The different ways of getting to Croatia depend on whether you decide to fly or drive, and how much time you have. For those who prefer to travel by car, it is a very long drive of around 20 hours, so would require a night’s stopover (or two) on the way. For various routes, and practical information, check the Visit Croatia website. If you have a substantial amount of time, we recommend a stopover in Venice for several days en route. If you decide to take this option, we highly recommend staying in Venice for at least a few days, to make the experience worthwhile.

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