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Financial Services Beyond Investments For Family Offices

Financial services

Successfully managing family wealth is a complex and unique undertaking. Many Family Offices’ financial needs extend well beyond hiring wealth managers and establishing investment policies and strategies to preserve and grow their wealth.  It also requires owners to identify partners that will help them think through the wealth management process and provide the training necessary to continue to directly manage, pursue and oversee their investments, Bristol Reports is that partner.

Bristol Reports developed out of a need from Simon Group Holdings (SGH), a family office in Birmingham, Michigan. After spending a year dedicated solely to SGH entities, our founder Sam Simon recognized that other family offices could benefit from an outsourced finance team that understands the needs of the family office space. Today, Bristol Reports works with families and companies from the United States, Europe, and Australia. They also spend time working with corporations, and schools teaching Excel, presentation skills, and intro level business topics.

What We Do

We provide financial due diligence on potential acquisitions and divestitures, as outlined in Customized Deal Flow Analysis for Family Offices, as well as develop compensation structures for current and potential employees. We provide financial services to companies and family offices that allows them to outsource financial work instead of hiring full time staff.

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