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Finding Purpose – How It’s Different From Passion


Finding your purpose can sometimes seem daunting. So let’s break it down…

First, we’ll start by telling you about our purpose, cover the differences between purpose and passion, talk about why purpose is important, and then give you a few tools to help you on your path to finding your own. 

Our Purpose

Michelle and Ella  “launched” Wellth Works (by launching ourselves off a yacht in Croatia) around the central idea that money being the pinnacle of success in U.S. culture is flawed—in reality there’s so much more to living a well-thy life.⁠

We are both wealth creators (on our own terms) and wealth inheritors, and what we know for sure is that money is only *one* ingredient to the life we want to live.⁠ We crave boldness, beauty, and breathtaking moments that include risking and failing, loving and losing.  That’s why we created Wellth Works—to help women find meaning and fulfillment through developing themselves as leaders, wealth creators, and contributors on their own terms

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