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House Manager Job Description

Household managers keep the day-to-day operations of a home running smoothly. They are responsible for the seamless operations of a home, servicing principals and guests, while simultaneously supervising others and at times providing direct service in any number of capacities.  They are the planners, coordinators, and facilitators for busy families from large households with complicated scheduling needs, to families and professionals who prefer to devote their time towards other priorities.

Responsibilities of Private Household Managers

Private household managers’ report directly to the Principals and are responsible for overseeing the general operations of a home. A household manager’s job description and duties will vary depending on the size of the family, specific needs and the amount of additional staff the family retains, however, below is an outline of typical responsibilities.

  • Ensuring the household/estate and grounds are run smoothly and efficiently at all times
  • Consistent direct interaction with Principals to maintain communication and compliance with their needs and expectations
  • Coordinating the household’s schedules and calendars
  • Arranging appointments for the family

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