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Houseman Job Description

Many times, a Houseman will be at the helm of your Estate’s housekeeping team and may even serve as the executive Housekeeper, who is also capable of performing standard maintenance and repairs.  A Houseman is typically responsible for the heavy cleaning, maintenance, and other general interior and exterior work required to properly maintain a luxury estate.  An exceptional and qualified Housemen will also ensure that every facet of your domestic life operates smoothly, efficiently and to the highest standard.


  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the home which may include assisting housekeepers with heavy housework, such cleaning floors, vacuuming, polishing silver, accepting heavy deliveries and moving furniture and other items
  • Ensuring that the exterior of the home and all grounds are properly maintained and clean
  • Performing small household repairs and assisting other staff members as needed
  • Overseeing onsite vendors and subs
  • Keeping property free of trash and pest

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