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How Do I Select An Estate Planning Attorney

Lawyers are advising clients about real estate law.

  1. If a person has an estate that will not be subject to estate tax at death, his or her attorney needs are different than that of a person’s whose estate will be subject to estate tax.  If the estate is not going to be taxed, what a person needs is a reasonably priced attorney who has some experience in estate planning, is a clear and concise draftsperson, is trustworthy, and is a person that the client likes working with.
  2. If one has a taxable estate, a tax specialist is required.  An attorney with an LLM in Taxation, or who teaches estate tax at a law school, or who publishes articles on sophisticated tax matters would be a good choice.  An attorney at a large law firm is more likely to have the ability to focus on that tax law and develop an expertise than an attorney at a smaller firm that has to do a little bit of everything.  

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