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How To Successfully Interview And Retain Domestic Staff

Create a detailed job description that clearly defines the roles and expectations of the Principal(s) and their lifestyle.

The most important variable is to be honest and transparent about the role - if 24/7 availability is needed, make that clear. Job descriptions that overstate or understate what a position entails, including the hours, workload and responsibilities, are likely to lead to disappointment, misalignment of expectations and more frequent turnover, which is costly and time consuming. What may be considered to be hiring mistakes are often the result of descriptions that inaccurately reflect the position and individual you are seeking. Most candidates will only apply for an opening if they meet the qualifications outlined and are confident in their ability to perform the duties identified within the job description.

Use more than one placement agency to assist with the search.

Placement agencies often have different pools of candidates and embark upon filling roles in a variety of ways.  Some agencies believe less is more and will only send a handful of candidates that have a work history that is particularly aligned with the role as, outlined in the job description, whereas other agencies may send a multitude of candidates with varying backgrounds to show a range of options and encourage the employer to look for the right personality versus a specific background.

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