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How To Talk With Your Partner About Money

Sara (name changed) wanted to be honest with her boyfriend. But she was nervous that once he knew that she came from money, it would change the way he felt about her and/or emasculate him. Heck, she didn’t even know “how much” she was worth; but if you Googled her name, a vast amount of speculation came up regarding her family’s net worth.

She knew the types of vacations her family took her on, and some other resources that were available to her. She had a trust officer, a CPA, and a financial advisor that had been with the family for decades—many of her friends didn’t even have a financial planner.

Sara loved that she had met her boyfriend at school where no one knew her family’s name, but now they were planning a future together—living together, potentially marriage, and creating a family of their own. How and when is the right time—and what’s the right amount of information—to share with a boyfriend? 

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