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Laundress Job Description

A laundress is a laundry professional who specializes in the overall care of clothing, linens, towels, and related items of a private residence. The role of a laundress is to continually maintain all of the personal articles of clothing for the Principal(s) and all of the linens within the home. The laundress will primarily focus on laundering, organizing, proper storing and mending of all clothing and linens.


  • Washing and ironing
  • Steaming and mending clothing
  • Altering various garments
  • Organizing the Principal(s) wardrobe(s) according to season
  • Maintain inventory of wardrobe, linens, beddings and towels
  • Organize household laundry, which involves folding, hanging and then placing in the appropriate places in the Principal(s) closet(s)
  • Seasonal organization of clothing and proper storage
  • Creating and maintain a catalog of all designer and couture clothing and accessories

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