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Long Term Stays In Greece

Landscape around Kavala, Greece.

Our Greek destinations of Crete and Porto Heli are perfect for longer stays, offering a mix of beautiful coastlines and beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, delicious Greek cuisine, and accessibility to world famous archaeological sites.

According to the latest edition of the ECM-ForwardKeys Quarterly Barometer Report, Herkalion the capital of Crete, ranks as the EU’s most resilient major city in terms of tickets issued for travel between October 1 to December 31 of 2020,


(photo of Villa Ellinika – direct sea access)

The largest island in Greece, Crete, is also the most southern of the Greek islands (apart from the tiny island of Gavdos), and with its mild winters and hot summers, it is perfect for getaways all year round. With a diverse landscape and coastline, the island offers a large variety of activities for visitors, from relaxing on its beautiful beaches, to discovering authentic, traditional hill villages, untouched by mass tourism, and also visiting ancient archaeological sites. Many also go there to enjoy hiking in the hills, mountains and gorges, including hiking the 16 km Samaria Gorge on the west side of the island, one of the longest and most impressive canyons in Europe.

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