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Luxury Real Estate Spotlight Series: Top 20 Cities By UHNW Density

Monaco, Monte Carlo Cityscape. Real Estate Architecture On Mount

Leading cities differ markedly by UHNW density, that is, the number of general residents per UHNW resident or secondary homeowner. Aside from the UHNW footprint, the size of a city’s general population and the demarcation of physical city limits, UHNW density can also reflect the character of a city and be influenced by the concentration of its prime real estate, be it residential, commercial or retail.

Monaco and Aspen have far and away the highest levels of UHNW density. The city state of Monaco has the world’s highest density of the ultra-wealthy — with one UHNW individual (as a primary resident or with a second home) for every 29 residents. In Aspen, one in every 47 residents is UHNW. Both locations offer real estate and amenities that are highly targeted towards the wealthy.

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