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Luxury Real Estate Spotlight Series: Top Five Cities Per Region By UHNW Total Footprint

Cityscape in Japan at night

North America

After New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco has the region’s third largest UHNW footprint. While ranked in absolute terms behind the global outliers of New York and Los Angeles, the tech hub of San Francisco has the highest UHNW density of all the region’s major cities, with one UHNW primary resident or secondary homeowner for every 719 residents.

Chicago and Miami rank fourth and fifth respectively for total UHNW footprint. The US Midwest’s largest city, Chicago, is a prime destination for business and residence among the wealthy; second homes are used here by those who may require a luxury pied-à-terre for frequent visits. Miami is the region’s leading coastal second-home hub but it also draws significant numbers of residents and holiday-home owners from outside North America.

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