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Make Conflict Great Again

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Let's agree to disagree

Conflict is an active disagreement between individuals with opposing opinions or principles. Because conflict is synonymous with a struggle or argument, it has a negative connotation; but it can be a good thing if we reframe the issues underlying conflict and approach with an intent to work towards a positive result for the benefit of all parties involved. There are many different types of conflict: personal, professional, and even self-conflict where we seemingly hold two opposing points of view in our own minds! Whatever the case, there are fundamentals about conflict that can support us in navigating how we resolve our differences amicably with one another.


We are all uniquely individual due to family histories, life experiences and trauma, cultural and social conditioning, educational and professional backgrounds, and the network of people we associate with. All of these elements mold our thinking and beliefs throughout our lifetimes, ultimately defining what our individual core values are which then drives our behaviors. Similar to communication styles, we each have a conflict style – or how we tend to behave or react when conflict arises. Through an understanding of our personal style, addressing conflict suddenly isn’t so bad and can even be great so that we avoid falling into groupthink, complacency, or resentment.

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