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Newborn Care Specialist – Job Description

Feet of new born baby in hands of parents

Newborn care specialists (or NCS) are brought into the home when an infant, or multiple infants, are being welcomed into a home, either to provide overnight care for 10-12 hour shifts or to provide 24-hour care, often in collaboration with other NCS. Newborn care specialists are sometimes referred to as ‘night nurses’ or ‘baby nurses’ - however, this terminology is no longer used as newborn care specialists do not have medical licenses or degrees. They are highly-trained newborn experts who lead and collaborate with parents on developmental milestones, work on sleep conditioning and sleep training with newborns, and implement a set schedule for your newborn to sleep through the night and provide new parents with much-needed rest and support. Newborn care specialist contracts are typically 3-6 months in length, with some families requesting ongoing support for the first year of a child’s life.

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