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Private Educator Job Description

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The main responsibility of a private educator is to teach children at an age and developmentally appropriate level, collaborating with parents, curriculum developers or third-party school systems as well as school district and state regulations to determine goals and milestones for each student. Prior to COVID-19, families often pursed a private educator route for their families if they were planning extensive travel for the upcoming school year, if their child or children were not finding success in a traditional school setting for a multitude of reasons, or if the family lived in an environment lacking in suitable educational options.

While private educators are generally responsible for maintaining and delivering curriculum, the task of curriculum development and planning is often a separate task that extends past a single full-time role. Many families will enroll their children in a private or charter school remotely to obtain their curriculum, or purchase a pre-existing curriculum from an online source, and rely on a private educator to support and add to an existing provided curriculum.


  • Provide a safe and loving environment for child/ren to learn and grow
  • Develop a structured and supportive environment while creating a genuine bond with your students
  • Present curriculum and objectives to parents for review, provide regular progress reports on developmental milestones, and stay current with developmental milestones and provided curriculum benchmarks

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