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Template For Drafting A Nanny Employment Agreement

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Adventure Nannies has drafted hundreds of employment agreements, working as a liaison between the hiring party and candidates to agree on terms of employment that suit each party's needs.

When hiring a nanny as a part of the family team, it is essential to create a comprehensive employment agreement. Having a well drawn-out contract allows both the candidate and the hiring family team to establish expectations, boundaries, compensation terms and more, alleviating surprises or disappointment down the road for all involved parties. While there are some basic considerations that should be made for every nanny contract, it is important to include specific information to your nanny’s role to ensure that all parties are confident in the terms of employment.

The Basics:

  • Schedule

Outline the general schedule and any flexibility that will be required of the candidate, such as flexibility with weekends or travel. This is a great place to make contingency plans for when the nanny is unable to work, due to sickness, leave or PTO.

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