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Tips To Successfully Onboard Private Estate Staff Members

The success of service in a staffed private residence is measured by the satisfaction of both the employee and the Principal(s).  Day one on the job is the first opportunity to set the new domestic staff personnel up for success by creating an environment where they feel supported, prepared and excited for their new role.

The foundation of any successful professional working relationship is communication and there is no better time to start this than on day one. It is imperative to take time to meet with new members of the household staff at the beginning and end of their first day.  This will help ensure that the employee feels welcome and provide an opportunity to review expectations and for the new hire to ask any questions they may have pertaining to their role.

  • Make sure to clearly communicate start date, time and location well in advance, as well as specifying who to ask for upon arrival.
  • Give new employees the best chance of success by creating a detailed onboarding plan.
  • Collate a welcome packet that includes a household manual, payroll and benefit forms and any legal documents, such as an NDA, non-compete, etc.
  • Inform Principal(s) and all other staff members of their arrival and position within the household, as well as providing introductions to all other staff members

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