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Top Threats Facing High Net Worth Families Today

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Unfortunately, the reality is that high profile, affluent and successful families are more vulnerable to external threats such as investment fraud, kidnapping, cyberattacks, theft and extortion than the average individual. The good news is there are ways to reduce and even completely mitigate many of these concerns.


Among the scenarios that many HNW families may face is hacking of devices, unintentionally allowing individuals access to confidential financial, medical and legal information, doxxing—the release of personal information about victims and/or their family members, revenge pornography, identity theft, identity fraud, and extortion.

Fortunately, there are strategies that may help to significantly reduce some of the risks. As outlined in Increase Your Family and Staffs Cybersecurity it is critically important for staff and family members to be vigilant about protecting themselves and those around them.  Being educated about the risks of social media, using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication and adhering to strict policies around use and prevention.

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