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Wealth Plans Checklist Series: Financial & Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan Financial Investment Application Form Concept


Financial Planning:

  • Short term financial goals and spending needs for the lifestyle you live today.
  • Actions include creating an emergency or rainy day fund, personal savings and access to liquidity, budgeting and managing cash flow for ongoing annual living as well as anticipated large scale expenses, debt and credit management, and life insurance as income replacement should you be the primary breadwinner.


Retirement Planning:

  • Long term financial goals and spending needs for the lifestyle you expect to maintain later in life when you’re no longer in the work force making income.
  • Strategies may include contributions to a retirement or other tax advantaged plan (e.g., 401k, IRA, HSA). To the extent you have excess cash after meeting immediate and short term financial goals, how much can be invested in a brokerage account or portfolio of riskier assets that may generate higher returns than an interest bearing savings account or similar financial product?

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