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What Is The Role Of An Estate Manager?

It is not uncommon for successful families to have sprawling estates spread across the World and I can tell you from experience that running a 25,000sq ft home while simultaneously overseeing a 2,000 acre ranch seamlessly, is no small feat.  This is why the top Estate Managers in the industry are some of the most competent and versatile individuals that can be found anywhere. The unique combination required to succeed in this position is rarely found in other profession across any industry. Estate managers are truly MacGyvers who have the ability to use unconventional problem-solving abilities in their day to day responsibilities.

The Estate Manager is the top executive within the household and functions as the CEO of the property enterprise, responsible for carrying out the wishes of the Principals at each location. Estate Managers set the service standard and are intimately familiar with every role and responsibility of their staff as they oversee the hiring, training, ongoing management and termination of personnel that may be required to meet the service expectations of the Principals. All the while, providing direct supervision of outside vendors as it relates to construction projects, grounds maintenance, collections, vehicles, yachts, private planes, animals and much much more.

If that alone does not keep the Estate Manager occupied 24/7, they are also responsible for the financial matters attributed to running the estates including accounting, budgets, and payroll. If the Principals have multiple properties, often times the Estate Manager will travel ahead of their employer to prepare a property for their arrival and bring the staff up to speed on any necessary changes or service requirements in advance. An Estate Manager may also be expected to plan and execute events on behalf of the Principals, from intimate dinners to grand, formal gatherings with hundreds of guests coordinating with top caterers, event planners, temporary service staff, and entertainment agencies.

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