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Work Abroad From Lake Como

Beautiful town of Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Just an hour’s drive north of Milan airport, Lake Como is renowned for its beauty and stunning scenery, with its backdrop of mountains and forests.

A stay here offers opportunities for many outdoor activities, including walks and hiking trails, boat excursions and kayaking. There are also beautiful villages to explore such as Bellagio, as well as historic villas and gardens, and plenty of restaurants and trattorias to try.

Villa Cima

The luxury Villa Cima to rent on Lake Como sits within the beautiful grounds of the Villa d’Este, on the banks of the lakes. One of Italy's iconic properties, Villa d'Este and the surrounding villas occupy an enviable spot on Lake Como, amid 25 acres of luxuriously landscaped park. The four private villas to rent, located within the park, offer all the services of the Hotel combined with the privacy and exclusivity of a private villa- the perfect Lake Como experience.

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