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Newsletter – Quarterly Insights – Q1 2023

The Current Residential Real Estate Market

In recent years, we have seen major shifts in the residential real estate market. Some of the key factors driving the changes are high prices, lack or surplus of inventory, rising interest rates, economic uncertainty, location, overall economic conditions, population trends and individual financial circumstances. With insight provided by our strategic partners with an expertise in real estate, we look at whether the current market is most conducive to renting vs buying and obtain their predictions for the year ahead.
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The Current Residential Real Estate Market

If you turn on the television, pick up a paper, or listen to the radio, you are bombarded with the doom and gloom storylines that the media propagates. Most of those talking about the housing market are pundits who know little to nothing about the housing market, let alone understand the differences between 2008 and what we face now....

Residential Real Estate Experts Share Their Predictions for 2023

In 2018, Warren Buffet said if you had invested $10K in an index fund in 1942 - it would be worth $51M today which is about a 12% annualized return. I can tell you in San Francisco...
Rent or buy concept

To Rent of Buy in Today's Market

We are barely finished working on the 2nd week of 2023, and I already feel a shift in our residential market here in Los Angeles. Our luxury property transfer tax will increase significantly on April 1st...
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