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Traveling Tutor — Job Description

A loving, adventurous family is seeking an engaging and active tutor to join them during their travels (Country /International/World)! The ideal candidate will be an experienced and reliable tutor, who has a background working with (Elementary/Middle School/High School)-aged children and is familiar with (he/she/their) developmental and educational need(s). A sense of creativity to implement the schools’ curriculum into the day to day experiences and create enriching moments is important along with flexibility, adaptability, and a positive, upbeat personality.

The tutor will be responsible for teaching and guiding ( ) children (ages) to maximize their learning throughout their travels which may include travel to different regions around the (country/world). The goal is to enhance the child(ren)’s understanding and cultural sixth sense through on location lessons, creative lesson plans, and interactive engagement, highlighting their experiences throughout their extensive travel. This individual must be capable of providing the extra care and attention needed for development appropriate for (he/she/their) age(s). The tutor will work one-on-one and/or with student(s) and document their progress for submission to the child(ren)’s school(s).

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