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Tips And Tools To Get Your Teenager Excited About Finance

A man and a boy seated at a table, counting and handling cash.

In the article Finances and Budgeting for Teenagers, we discussed the varying topics that are applicable for their age.  Getting teenagers excited about finance is equally as important. Below we have provided a few tips and identified resources that may be helpful in making finance fun as you embark upon educating teenagers around the responsibilities of money.

Make it Relevant

Encourage your teenager to participate in choosing the variables taken into account during the conversation.  Have them choose a vehicle they would like to purchase and walk them through the difference in leasing vs purchasing.  Cost of insurance, gas, maintenance, etc.  Have them tell you about an event they would like to go to such as a concert, items they would like to purchase, such as clothes, shoes or video games and use these as the basis for conversation around money.

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