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Wonder Lust: Safety Tips For Traveling Abroad

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Summer vacation is upon us and it’s time to dream and scheme your next getaway – whenever that might occur! From the steep slopes of Mount Fuji to the crystal-clear waters of the Sicilian beaches, here are 8 tips to help keep you and your travel companions safe while confidently traveling abroad:

  1. Stay small: When it comes to international hotels, bigger isn’t always better. Instead of booking highly visible and large hotels, consider staying in a small, boutique hotel, which will be less conspicuous and offer similar five-star amenities. Additionally, boutique hotels can offer a more customized experience making your trip even more memorable.
  2. Dress for the culture: When traveling abroad, it’s best to blend in with the crowd. Keep cultural differences in mind when choosing what clothing or jewelry to wear and bring. By practicing this, you’ll draw less attention to yourself, your companions, and your wealth while giving you another excuse to go shopping.

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