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10 Things All Female Inheritors Need To Know

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Dear inheritors: If you’ve grown up in a family where your family is the major employer of the town, your name is on a building, or you fly private, but you live day-to-day in the dark knowing little to nothing about your family’s wealth situation or what your responsibilities will be in the future…you might find yourself confused and unsure about how to integrate this taboo family wealth into your own life.

You may also recognize that these problems are quite privileged ones to have, and that only makes your circumstance more challenging to deal with; who are you supposed to talk to? You can’t talk to your friends about most of it, because they just won’t really get it. You can sometimes talk to your family, but you don’t want to seem entitled and/or demanding.

We work with inheritors like you all the time, and this is what we want you to know.

1. You’re not alone

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