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4 Simple Steps To Shift From Planning To Doing

You Can Quickly Shift From Planning to Doing By Following These Four Easy Steps

Philanthropy focuses a lot of time and brainpower on the how-to of strategic planning and very little on practical implementation. And yet, if not implemented effectively all your planning will waste time and resources. Change is hard work. So, while this may sound obvious, the biggest risk when implementing your new strategy is continuing to do everything the way you did it before. Instead, here are four simple steps to jump-start your new direction:

Step 1: Identify Your Top Priorities

Having a new strategic plan isn’t enough. You must now identify your top priorities for achieving it. You can’t focus on 15 or 30 things at once! Pick the top two or three priorities – the most important things that must happen next. If you don’t have clarity about your top organization-wide implementation priorities, you won’t achieve your strategy.

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