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Increase Your Family And Staff’s Cybersecurity

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  1. Educate your family, especially minors and those who are more active on social media of the importance of keeping personal and sensitive information regarding the family off of social networks. Including, never posting anything online that may be used to locate family members or staff and to never post something which may be a source of future liability. Digital pictures put online must be cleared of hidden location, time and device information.
  2. Cyber education should be consistently integrated into office and family meetings and communications. To adequately protect against the risks that exist, family members and staff need to understand what causes harm and how cybercriminals use that information to their advantage.
  3. Monitoring of the office and home networks to detect misuse or unintentionally dangerous behavior and encouraging all parties to practice proper internet cautiousness and awareness by avoiding sites known to launch malware attacks. .
  4. Create a technology inventory of all systems in the house, including routers, computers, phones, ipads, and other devices connected to the internet and regularly check to ensure that each has been updated with antivirus, firewall and cyber protections. Simultaneously, it is important regularly update the software on all the systems to maintain that it is up-to-date. Software updates often create safeguards against system loopholes that have been identified.

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