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Simple Cybersecurity Practices That Will Prevent Long-Lasting Harm

Cyber security and robot machine learning

Cybersecurity has become the topic of discussion in most corporate circles but for private wealth and family offices, why does it seem to take the back seat? Cyber-attacks are considerably more common among family offices than they have been in the past. Add in a global pandemic and you have a recipe for disaster. According to a recent study by Boston Private, 26% of family office executives claimed to have suffered a cyber-attack at some point, and two-thirds of those cases occurred in the last 12 months. This trend has led tight nit enterprises to reexamine their cyber practices and look for guidance on how to protect their assets and personnel.

Fortunately, a proactive approach to educating and protecting yourself and those around you with easy to learn cybersecurity best practices can prevent irreversible and long-lasting harm that would come from a malicious cyber-attack.

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