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Minimizing Your Digital Footprint: Taking Back Control Of Your Information Online

Most, if not all, of your online activity can be traced to a personal digital footprint. That digital footprint is comprised of everything you do online; from posting on social media, to buying something on Amazon or another website, to anything you may research when you are surfing the web. All this information is collected by a variety of vendors, which can then be purchased for analytical purposes or to create a public profile on any specific online user.

Websites, for example, use cookies and tracking software to build an index of all users who visit their site. That can include IP address information which would provide the location you are accessing their website from, any open accounts that may automatically log you in while using the website, and how often you have visited the site.

Even more concerning is where the information these websites have collected may end up. Third Party Vendors, which Novus classifies as Public Information Aggregating sites, acquire information from all portions of the internet and make that information readily available for any online user that may be looking to find you.

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