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Life Insurance 360TM Life Insurance Architecture

Studying Life Insurance Brochure

For thousands of years, the architectural maxim has been that all structural designs should strive to possess three essential elements: strength, purpose, and unity. Life insurance, more so than perhaps any other financial instrument, should also be designed to possess those three elements and managed over time in order to continue serving its intended purpose. Life Assurance 360™ is a unique, client-centered approach to designing, implementing, and managing life insurance referred to as life insurance architecture.

In designing a life insurance plan, the need for strength is addressed by utilizing financially sound carriers that are committed to remaining in the life insurance industry and serving policyholders for years to come.  In working with client’s advisors, plans are customized that are both purposeful in design and unified with the client’s medical history in order to present the case to the carrier(s) in the most favorable light possible. Once a plan is in place, systems are set up for ongoing policy management to assure that the plan stays on track.

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