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When Dad Has Dementia: Arranging Health Care For An Aging Parent

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Caring for aging family members can be stressful, emotional, and overwhelming. At times like this, having someone outside the family who can assist and provide decision support is invaluable. As an example of the Better Health Advisors process, here’s how we helped a recent client get great care for his parents as they both faced health challenges.

Providing a Supportive, Sensitive Care Plan

Aaron[1] works in the C-suite of an investment firm based in Texas. His father, Dale, and mother, Patty, live in Philadelphia. Dale is in his 90s and has dementia. He is hard of hearing, but resists wearing a hearing aid, which makes communication challenging. Because Aaron lives so far away, he was worried about them and knew he couldn’t be there to help if something went wrong. A colleague recommended that he contact Better Health Advisors.

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