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Should You Buy Or Lease A Private Aircraft?

Use of private jets is on the rise, as travelers look for alternatives to standard commercial flights during the coronavirus pandemic. In May, private jet charter company Air Partner reported an increase of over 200 percent in private flight booking requests for both leisure and business travelers.

In today’s World of luxury travel there are a number of ways to elevate the overall experience and flying private is definitely at the top of that list.

Passengers Are Able To Avoid Crowds At The Airport

Even if you are departing from a major airport, almost all private jet operators use a separate designated area for check-in, security, boarding, and disembarkation. Many have converted these areas into luxurious lounge spaces equipped with wifi, snacks, restrooms and even showers for a more comfortable wait.

Private Planes Are Able To Access More Destinations

Many private jet operators prefer to skip the larger airports, instead choosing to depart and land at smaller, less congested airstrips. Often times smaller airports are more conveniently located to the destinations of choice and can accommodate smaller private jets vs large commercial aircrafts.

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